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WhatsApp for customer support
20 March 2021

WhatsApp for customer support


WhatsApp is a great method to communicate with your customers in real time without losing extra money from your pocket. You can create group to talk with many people at once. Every group is restricted to 100 people.

So you can ask for feedback from your customers and solve their queries by providing a great real time customer support. With WhatsApp you can be with your audience 24/7, you need to save their contacts in your mobile device for further WhatsApp communication.

WhatsApp allows you to serve where your customers are. You can also use this marketing tool on Desktop and Laptop by synchronizing WhatsApp. Here is why the WhatsApp is a great tool for customer support –

24X7 availability:

WhatsApp is available every time and everywhere as people like to carry their phones with them. Doesn’t matter where you live. Businesses can communicate anytime with their customers to answer their queries. WhatsApp allows you know when you customer is online so you can send the messages at the right time.

Wider reach:

Reaching you audience in a right way at the right time is also important to increase your customer base. To increase the WhatsApp users in your mobile contacts, answer the customers’ queries on social media platforms and website and ask their contact number to save and also request them to add your WhatsApp number for further contact and queries.

Follow up:

WhatsApp can be very lucrative for your business. You can use it for your customer follow up instead of calling them as WhatsApp get 40% more responses than phone calls. Regular follow up and communication can boost user engagement and trust among the audience. New offers, products and services can also be announced on WhatsApp.

Cost effective:

WhatsApp is really cost effective advertising application. This is really effective for small businesses who can’t spend more money on their customer support system. WhatsApp application is free for a year if you are doing registration for first time.

The messages you send via WhatsApp consumes internet data charges, but the result you get with this application is really great.

Depening on your data package Whatsapp might be one to condsider to cconnect with your audience as you get moving

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